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The Cleanest Oil on the Planet from the Creators of the CPR Technology.

Our Product Line

PhD created and formulated.
Vape Cartridges & Pens

Lab tested and extracted using our proprietary process and state of the art pharmaceutical grade equipment. Planet Xtracts CO2 oil is sits within 70% to 90% potency and is some of the purest on the market with every batch carefully purged for optimal quality and safety.


Lab tested, solventless and ultra-pure, our concentrates are extracted with top-of-the-line technology for the safest yet most powerful medicine you can get. We’re constantly pushing the envelope to bring you the most interesting products—like our uncommon flavored waxes—to keep you satisfied and coming back to see what we’re up to next.


Shatter is most similar to cannabis oil, commonly made with Hydrocarbons, but is more refined. Next to oil, it is the most potent with 90% THC extracted from flower. Shatter lasts longer and tends to be more stable than other types of cannabis extractions.

Oils and Tinctures

Our Oils are manufactured with the highest degree of terpene and cannabinoid concentration to fit a healthy and active lifestyle.

Available flavors for our pen cartridges: Pear, Fruit punchPomegranateBlueberry, GrapeWatermelonBubblegum

Industry Science and Extraction News

Planet Xtracts operates state of the art processing equipment.
  • Vapor Distilled™ has introduced a groundbreaking thermal extraction technology that creates clean, quality cannabis oil without the use of harsh solvents. This revolutionary system focuses on a proprietary vaporization and condensation process to extract and decarb product in a matter of seconds. The technology involves...

  • This article is sponsored by Capna Labs. Capna Labs is an industry-leading extraction laboratory and research facility based in Southern California. Capna Labs’ mission is to set the standards of safety and quality within the cannabis extract industry. As the cannabis industry has mushroomed over the past...

  • Canada’s medical cannabis market began as a flower-only market, but, following a court ruling, the licensed producers (LPs) were permitted to begin producing extracts in late 2015. While these products are quite limited, as they are required to be liquid and must conform to a THC potency...

PhD Chemist Managed Operation

Utilizing both supercritical carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon extraction methods.

About our products

Planet Xtracts operates a full service manufacturing facility in accordance with local rules and regulations. We offer White Labeling service and also produce our own branded line of products. For me information on White Labeling, please call our office

What we do

 At Planet Xtracts, we use state of the art extraction and distillation equipment to produce high quality CBD and THC extracts. We conduct in-house testing (gas chromatography) for cannabinoid profile, terpenes, pesticides, and solvents.

Short Path Distillation Technology:

Planet Xtracts utilities a proprietary wiped film, short path distillation process to enhance the purity and flavor of our cartridge-based products. Because our system utilizes high vacuum, we are able to reduce distillation temperature and processing time to preserve flavors and other beneficial constituents.


Another added benefit of reduced processing time is thermal degradation is greatly limited, which also improves the stability and shelf life of our products.  High purity is extremely beneficial when extracts are used to create edible products since bitter and grassy flavors and smells are eliminated – giving the product a much better flavor and taste.


Because Cannabinoids’ high boiling point results in a very high viscosity, or thickness, the system must be designed to cope with a very viscous substance (honey, for example), or cannabinoids in their purest form.


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Permitted California operations.
Planet Xtracts is a division of  Delta 9 Holding Group Inc.
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